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According to law 34/2002, on july 11th, of services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce and the rest of legislation, it is stated that the owner entity of this website, as stated by the domain, is the corporation primehub network SL, which social see is in 24, Sancho el Fuerte Avenue, Stair B, 1-D in Pamplona, province of Navarre (Spain), PC 31007 and CIF B/71.065.643, inscribed in the Navarre Merchant Register, Book 1570, Sheet 169, sheet NA-31193.
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Picture, design, source code and others as such, as well as texts that are included in this website and the ones published through it, as well as its presentation and setting, are entitled to Primehub Network SL, or has its exploitation rights through agreements with third parties.

In this sense, they are protected works by European and Spanish law regarding intellectual propriety, as seen in Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996 of april 12th by which the reformed text of the Intellectual Propriety Law is approved, regulating, clarifying and harmonizing the current legal dispositions on the matter and the Law 5/1998 of March 6th, of incoporation to Spanish law of the 96/9/CE Directive from the European Parliament and Council, on March 11th 1996, on the juridical protection of databases and rest of applicable rules, resulting equally applicable international treaties regarding the matter.

Primehub Network S.L. hands no license of use or authorization over its industrial propriety rights or any other propriety or related right to its website, unless explicit agreement.

Users may take the reproduction of this website's content with the only purpose of back-ups, storage or printing on paper for private use, being totally forbidden to reproduce, distribute, edit, total or partial presentation of the content of this website, or any of its elements, in a direct or indirect form via digital networks or similar platforms, with a commercial goal to the public, or any use above the mentioned, nor quoting us, unless it has the specific written authorization by Primehub Network S.L. . Upon such behaviour, actions will be taken. It is specially prohibited to:

  • Extract and utilize elements of the website causing or not any damage to Primehub Network S.L, as per Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996 of April 12th by which the reformed text of the Intellectual Propriety Law is approved, and the rest of Spanish and European law is applicable.
  • The presentation of a website's url in another website that does not belong to Primehub Network S.L, via techniques such as, but not limited to "framing", "deep linking" without the express written consent of Primehub Network S.L
  • Primehub Network S.L will have to explicitely authorize establishment of links in another website directed to this website, as long as this websites appear in a full window under the website name it comes from.
  • Any hacking attempt in any mode.
  • Insertion of an image diffused in this website in another or a database not belonging to Primehub Network S.L, as called "in line linking" or "hotlinking", without the explicit written authorization by Primehub Network S.L

Primehub Network S.L also will estimate its right of legal actions also in the case of a possible abuse of its image through "typo", "misspelling domains" and similares.

Rights nor explicitely recognized above are reserved to Primehub Network S.L or in its due case to third party contributors.


Primehub Network S.L. does not warrant availabiluty and continuity of the website, and in consequence shall not be responsible of damages of:

  • Lack of availability and access to the website
  • Interruption in the functioning of the website, technical failure, phone failure, deconnections, delays or blocks due to tech issues, overloading in the landlines, data centers in the Internet system or other electric systems, produced during its work;
  • and any other damage that may be caused by third parties due to unauthorized intermissions that Primehub does not have control of.

With the goal of diminishing virus attacks in the website, uses virus detection software to control all of its contents. Nevertheless, it does not warrant the lack of viurs or other elements in the website introduced by third parties outside that may produce alteration in the hardware or software user systems, and in consequence, Primehub shall never be responsible of any damages of any nature that may issue from virus presence or other elements that may issue from such unauthorized access.

Through this website, links may be established.

Primehub Network S.L. is exempt from responsability regarding privacy of third party websites, recommending users to be aware of upon exit.

Browsing throughout the website gives you USER condition in itself and implies acceptance of all dispositions included in this LEGAL WARNING that may suffer modifications.

The USER of this website may also be CLIENT through the signing of the corresponding service agreements with Primehub Network S.L.

Agreeing upon this, and onwards, a USER is defined as a physical person that accesses the address of or any of Primehub Network S.L.'s domains and a CLIENT is defined as the physical person or juridical that, beyond being a USER, and after the signing of the service agreements, accesses information out of the area of free access.

The USER is obliged to do a lawful use of the website, in conformity to law, good fauth, public order, traffic uses and this current LEGAL WARNING.

The USER shall respond to Primehub Network S.L or third parties of any damages that may issue from the unbending to this obligation

Despite meticulous control of the website contents, Primehub Network S.L does not take responsibility for the content written by users, and only them are responsible for such content.

Relations established by Primehub Network S.L through its website and the users will be bound by the current laws, applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction. However, in the cases law forsees the posibility of submission to a fuero, Primehub Network S.L and the users of it will submit to the courts and tribunals of the City of Pamplona, with explicit renounce to any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.